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Standard Edition (US) Japanese Edition
European Edition (UK) Premium Edition (JP)
European Edition (DE) Thai Edition
European Edition (FR)  
Year of Release: 1999
Publisher: Origin Systems Inc./Electronic Arts
Contents: Game Journal, Book of Magic, Cloth Map (16x16" / 40x40 cm), 8 Tarot Cards, Ankh Pendant, Ascension Poster, 4x CD, Certificate, Install Guide
In reference to the largest Ultima fanclub - the 'Ultima Dragons' - Origin released a special 'Dragon Edition' of Ultima IX at about the same time as the standard version. The box is extra large (about 12x15" / 31x38cm) and contains a number of additional items such as the Ascension poster, Soundtrack CD, Ultima 1-8 Collection and a small ankh pendant.