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Other releases on this system
2nd release 1983 3rd release 1984
Year of Release: 1982
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Contents: Hand Book, Correction flyer, Cloth Map (22x17" / 56x43 cm), 2x 5.25" Disks
For the distribution of Ultima II Richard Garriott made a deal with Sierra On-Line as they were the only publisher that agreed to include a cloth map with each copy. The game was released under the 'Sierraventure' label and came in an over-sized box (about 9x11.5" / 23x29 cm) that contained the nicely printed game manual as well as the huge cloth map. The manual contained in the first editions was of slightly different design and of a more glossy, black & white print than those from later releases. It was accompanied by an error correction flyer indicating that this is indeed one of the first prints.