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Apple II - 1st release
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Other releases on this system
2nd Release 1986  
Year of Release: 1983
Publisher: Origin Systems Inc.
Contents: Ancient Liturgy of Truth, The Book of Amber Runes, The Book of Play, Cloth Map (17x14" / 43x36 cm), 1x 5.25" Disk, Player Reference Card
The first editions of Ultima III can be easily identified as such due to their quite unique box design. Each of the two covers is actually made of one piece of folded hard paper, the surface is very glossy and it is missing the Origin logo on the front. The reference card of these releases shows either the first Origin PO address in Andover,NH (PC and C64) or still Garriott's own in Houston,TX (Apple and Atari). Also, the color of this card varies - for the Apple II it's (usually) dark blue on grey.