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IBM PC - CD-HD Edition (EU)
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Other releases on this system
US Disk Release Speech Pack (EU)
CD-HD Edition (US) Publishers Choice
EU Disk Release EA Classics Gold
Japanese Edition EA Classics (EU)
Speech Pack (US)  
Year of Release: 1994
Publisher: Origin Systems Inc./EA
Contents: The Chronicles of Pagan, Cloth Map (16x16" / 40x40 cm), Pentagram Coin, 1x CD, Player Reference Card, Install Guide
Part 8 was the first Ultima released for japanese IBM compatible systems using DOS/V (japanese MS-DOS). Documentation as well as the software itself was fully translated except the included speech pack (English). The box design from EAV is similar to their previous Underworld releases (only 6x9" / 16x23 cm in size) and it came without the cloth map or trinkets from the Original.