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US Disk Release Speech Pack (EU)
CD-HD Edition (US) Publishers Choice
CD-HD Edition (EU) EA Classics Gold
Japanese Edition EA Classics (EU)
Speech Pack (US)  
Year of Release: 1994
Publisher: Origin Systems Inc./EA
Contents: The Chronicles of Pagan, Cloth Map (16x16" / 40x40 cm), Pentagram Coin, 7x3.5" Disk, Player Reference Card, Install Guide
The European release of Ultima VIII came in the now typical style consisting of a separate sleeve covering the actual box. The design was the same for all editions (disk, CD) - pentagram on front cover, just like the US disk release. The game itself was fully localized for France, Germany and UK including manuals, ingame speech (or separate speech packs). The overall print quality of the documentation and especially the map was poor (and also of slightly different make).