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Year of Release: 1991
Publisher: Origin Systems Inc. / Fujitsu
Contents: Compendium, Poster, Paper Map (12.5x8.5" / 32x22 cm), Cloth Map (16x16" / 40x40 cm), 1x CD-ROM
In 1991 Fujitsu Japan released Ultima VI for their 'FM-Towns' computer system. The game was fully localized and redesigned for this system (it comes on CD) and is the first Ultima that offers fully digitized speech for all dialogues. The box design is similar to the Ponycanyon releases but features complete new artwork and its content differs considerably from previous releases - it comes with a new set of manuals and without any of the trinkets. Just like other parts of the series for the FM Towns it contains a card board map (green monochrome) and a poster (showing a winged gargoyle) but also a cloth map similar to the original.