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Year of Release: 2000
Publisher: Origin Systems Inc./EA
Contents: U9 Spell Book, U9 Manual, U9 Reference Card, UO Reference Card, UO Play Guide, Install Guide , 1 paper map (16 x 16" / 40 x 30 cm), 3x CD
'Best of Both Worlds' is a combo package consisting of Ultima IX and UO: Renaissance. It comes as a big box (about...) that contains the software and loose parts of the original documentation - the map and additional trinkets from U9 are missing, there's an installguide and paper map for UO: The Second Age and the CD jewel case has no inlays. All in all, a rather dissapointing re-release from EA that is only available new from EA Direct and may not be sold used or if opened - it says so right on the box.