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Other compilations

Ultima Collection Ultima IX + Ultima Online
Ultima Trilogy Underworld Series
The Second Trilogy Miscellaneous
The Complete Ultima VII  
Year of Release: 1993
Publisher: Origin Systems Inc.
Contents: Ultima Trilogy Manual, Age of Virtue, Reference Guide, Install Guide, 3 cardboard maps 1st Trilogy (18 x 12" / 45 x 30 cm), 1 cardboard map 2nd Trilogy (16 x 16" / 40 x 40 cm), 1x CD
Basically, the Ultima I-VI Series CDs are just the two previous trilogy releases combined into one. They contain all the maps and manuals, only the software is on CD instead separate disks.
It should be noted that as a side effect, Ultima II got broken and is missing vital parts from the original Galactic Disk. (this has not been corrected on any of the following CD compilations since).