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US Release Forge of Virtue - Addon
EU Edition - UK EU Edition - FR
Low-Budget Release UK Low-Budget Release DE
Year of Release: 1992
Publisher: Origin Systems Inc./Mindscape
Contents: Die Gemeinschaft, Cloth Map (16x16" / 40x40 cm), Fellowship Medaillon, 6x 3.5" / 8x 5.25" Disks, Referenzkarte, Installationsanweisung, Koordinatennetz
Ultima VII was the first Ultima that became fully localized for the European market (there are English, German and French editions), including manuals, ingame speech and even the game's title on the box (Die Schwarze Pforte). The box itself is of the new EU standard size and looks a bit more colorful than the US one. The manual is of slightly different size too and the cloth map varies in that it has a thick yellow border around it and is of (mostly) mediocre print quality.