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IBM PC Version (B)
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Microprose Re-release  
Year of Release: 1987
Publisher: Origin Systems Inc.
Contents: The Book of Lore, Underworld Journal, Cloth Map (16x16" / 40x40 cm), Codex Coin, 4x 5.25" Disks, Player Reference Card, Quick Reference Card
Visually, Ultima V for the IBM PC is almost identical with the other releases for 16 bit systems - it does not have mouse support though and apart from the occasional beep from the internal speaker this version remains mute, due to lack of appropriate sound hardware and standards back then. Initial editions of this version were supposedly released in a box rated as 'B' here which was very similar to the original Apple design but had the dark backside (albeit with Apple screenshots) already - *this information is still unconfirmed*.