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Sega Master System - English Version
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Atari ST C64 FM Towns FM-7
PC98 X68000 X1
Other releases on this system
German Version French Version
Year of Release: 1990
Publisher: Origin Systems Inc./SEGA
Contents: Sega Game Manual, The Book of Mystic Wisdom, The History of Britannia, Paper Map (42x30 cm / 16x12"), Cartridge
Ultima IV for the Mastersystem is the first (and so far the only) Ultima that was ported to a Sega game console. It seems that most (if not all) of these cartridges were produced for the European market, they contain a multi-lingual (English, French and German) manual, both books from the original version as well as a folded paper map. The books were of different color for each of the 3 editions (blue for UK version), fully translated and did not fit inside the gamebox - thus most of them have been lost meanwhile.