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"The Serpent's Spine mountains are so known because of their winding length, from Trinsic to the Deep Forest, a full 150 degrees of latitude! The immense peaks are an almost impassable wall to the traveller, usually forcing a long trek around them. There are a few passes through the mountains that can often prove to be a useful shortcut, sometimes cutting three or four days from the journey time. In using these passes one must be careful, for these thoroughfares are prime haunts of mountain bandits, and many an unwary traveller has lost his life to a landslide! During the winter one must be especially watchful for blizzards in the high passes, as they last many days and make travel impossible during that time. The Serpent's Spine is riddled with many caves, most of which are the notoriously labyrinthine dungeons. Other than that, they are a source of natural beauty, a jewel in the crown of Britannia."
- Walker

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