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"In the midst of the volcanic fires, west of the hallowed Isle of the Avatar, a vast darkstone palace testifies to the awesome wealth and power that is now Lord Blackthorn's. In the few years since Blackthorn seized Britannia's throne and declared martial law, ostensibly to keep the peace in the land, his personal stronghold has grown to rival Castle Britannia in size and luxury. But there the semblance ends, for those who have had occasion to visit the Palace return - sometimes - with tales of great towers with seemingly bottomless pits, labyrinthine dungeons, nightmarish torture chambers, and daemonic guardians in the royal throne room. Half-human watchers patrol the endless halls casting all who do not wear the Badge and speak the Password into the dungeon's torture chamber where lethal fates invariably awaits."
- Lord Shalineth in 129 A.D.

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