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As strange as it may seem this is actually a new page on this site, in all these years I always refused to link anything here. You will only find links to sites which *I* think are worth mentioning for one reason or another - some are Ultima related, some not. Please don't ask me to include your own page here.


Denis Loubet

This is the homepage of someone whose work I always admired and I think he really is the most famous of all Ultima artists ever. He already worked with Richard Garriott almost 20 years ago on Akalabeth and his wonderful artwork appeared in most of the games since then. He also has a couple of original things to download there, like the 3D Model of the walking Avatar from U8 or the Akalabeth cover artwork.


Sith Dragon's Ultima IX Page

In all those years since Sith took over maintenance of the UIX FAQ this was my number one source for any Ultima IX related news, rumors, screenshots or even videos. It was clearly by far the most accurate and complete news site. Unfortunately, because of his own, understandable reasons and in light of Origin's own Ultima IX website he decided to discontinue this outstanding service.


The Ultima Resource Library

Of course there are a lot of fan sites on the Ring of Dragons but sometimes navigation can become difficult or even impossible due to dead links etc. And it's getting harder if you're looking for a specific information. Fortunately there exists this comprehensive database of Ultima related websites with detailed information and a good search engine. It looks like L.M. Fridael the maintainer of this site has finally given up though as well, so updates are rather unlikely.


Excalibur's Worlds of Ultima

If there's any Ultima fan site that truly deserves this name then it is Excalibur's World of Ultima. So many unique things, so many hours of work. However, just like pretty much everything else his site has been discontinued for quite some time already.


The Fatman

The Fatman - a.k.a George Alistair Sanger - created the wonderful music scores for a number of Ultimas and various other games such as Underworld or Wing Commander. He was kind enough to contact me about my General Midi conversion of his compositions and included links to this site here so it's just natural that I do the same.