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Copyright Disclaimer

All pictures and graphical elements on this site are made and copyrighted by myself, Telavar aka Holger Bachert. None of these graphics may be published on any public media, altered or otherwise used without my explicit permission.

Original background music created by Andreas Starr / reLine Software 1990 - The Legend of Faerghail

Mysterious Sosaria - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What did you use to create those graphics?

    All graphics on this site have been modeled and rendered with Caligari Truespace. That's a very compact and fast raytraycing package, able to produce high quality images and animations up to broadcasting resolutions at an affordable price.

  • Can I take the picture X and place it on my private webpage?

    Usually I don't mind as long as you have a link to my site somewhere on the page but nevertheless better ask before you do it.

  • Can you make some artwork for my personal webpage?

    Well, I *can*... Just keep in mind that I have to do everything in my (very limited) free time thus the smaller and simpler your request the higher the chance to get something going... This of course only applies for non-commercial, private usage. If you want me to illustrate your business pages instead, drop me a line and I'll see if we can deal something out.

  • Would it be ok if I add a link to your site to my links list?

    Sure, just do it. By the way, isn't that the purpose of *any* web site? :)

  • Am I allowed to use the midis on my own page?

    Of course you are... However, I'm not really sure who holds which copyrights on what title so it's certainly a good idea to have copyright notes for both, the actual composer and OSI on your page.

  • Can I distribute the complete midisets on my page?

    Yes, but you may not alter the actual files and each complete set of midis must contain the readme file pointing to my site here.

  • The music sounds strange on my soundcard, what's wrong?

    All midifiles have been arranged to get a reasonable quality atleast on GeneralMidi compatible Soundcards. However the optimum sound can only be heard on a Roland Soundcanvas or equal models because some tracks make use of their General Synth-Instruments and Reverb/Chorus effects respectively. I can't guarantee anything on simple Soundblaster/Adlib/Whatever-FM-Synths nor will I do special arrangements for those cards in the future. I suggest you contact your local computerstore and ask for a good GM-Board. There are also many daughterboards for the SB16 (or other cards with waveblaster-connector) available. Alternatively you may also try one of the various software wavetable synths, although none of them can compete in any way with a true hardware synthesizer its still a much better solution than plain FM synthesis.

  • What is required to view your pages?

    This site is completely Java/Javascript/AniGif/Plugin free therefore anything above Netscape Navigator 2.0+ or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0+ (or any other browser with frame capabilities) should work. Older versions may require a plugin for midi playback though.
    The optimum screen resolution is 1024x768x16 but 800x600 (and with some restrictions 640x480 too) might be okay as well.